About Me

Howdy visitor!!!

My name is Aseem sharma.

Most of my thoughts , interests and actions are focused towards:

  • Computer Programming
  • Automating manual tasks
  • The business of Software
  • Operating systems
  • Business research
  • Open source (both the technology part and the methodology part)
  • How learning and creativity happens
  • Nature of work and how software impacts it
  • Academic and University systems
  • Reading and Writing non-fiction


I am currently working at PGi, a global provider of conferencing and collaboration software solutions based out of Toronto. At PGi, I am a member of Canada Operations team and the core of my tasks and responsibilities consists of working with SQL Server based databases. I am also involved in the resolution of application related technical issues and automation of various tasks within our operations team.

Prior to joining PGi, I worked as a senior systems engineer in one of the technology departments (Asia Pacific Middleware Operations) in Citibank Singapore.  Before moving to Citibank, Singapore, I spent a few fruitful years as a senior systems engineer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as a software developer at Satyam computer services Ltd. (Now Mahindra Satyam).

I also serve (volunteer engagement) as  an author at Opensource.com.



I have completed my masters degree with specialization in business and technology from Faculty of Engineering at University of Waterloo, Canada. I also hold a masters degree in computer applications from Guru Nanak Dev university, India, and a part-time certificate in french language.