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Jul 05

Does Indian education system teaches how to collaborate?

Education, along with infrastructure development and democratization of media are the three key sectors on which progression of any society depends. In United states in particular, and the western world in general, the foundations of world leadership were laid when the country channeled massive investments into the educational sector. The result was a robust and …

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Dec 13

Making WordPress website safe

If you have built your website on, then  the entire responsibility of making it  safe and secure lies on your shoulders (unlike if you have started a blog using But there is a good news. There are lots of tweaks that can be done and a few real solid plugins that can be …

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Nov 27

What a stint with an open source project can add to a persons life

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer. Some of the most amazing projects in the world have seen the light of the day only because of the contributions of these selfless individuals. The same holds true for hundreds of open source projects from Fedora to Mozilla to the wonderful WordPress. What motivates …

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Nov 25

How university open debates and discussions introduced me to open source

My experience with the open source way of doing things dates back to my university days in India. During those days, I had a very narrow view with regards to what exactly open source is and what its true meaning is. This view was limited only to the question “why should one give away his …

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