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Feb 14

Review: Instapaper

There is no bigger (and greater) source of information than the web. However, this vastness  of information and articles can sometimes make  it a terrible place to quench your reading desires . Content is hidden behind the richness of web pages which can be distracting at times. Add to that an everlasting shortage of time …

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Dec 26

On Singapore

  Entrepreneurial, dynamic, progressive, ultra modern. These are few of the words that strike our mind when we think of this island nation. Singapore is undoubtedly one of those countries in the world that has transformed from a third world to a first world nation within a short span of time. Much of this miraculous …

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Dec 13

Making WordPress website safe

If you have built your website on WordPress.org, then  the entire responsibility of making it  safe and secure lies on your shoulders (unlike if you have started a blog using WordPress.com). But there is a good news. There are lots of tweaks that can be done and a few real solid plugins that can be …

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Nov 22

Installing WordPress manually

Before sharing my experiences with the installation of WordPress , I will briefly discuss the two versions of this amazing web publishing tool. WordPress comes in two flavors – wordpress.com and wordpress.org WordPress.org is a self-hosted solution by WordPress and it requires you to download the software from their site. You will have to go …

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